World Setting

  • Magic & Technology
    • How it works
    • Crystals and Reformations
    • Exotic species and other applications
      • Spaaaaaaace(?)
  • Geography & History
    • Major Land masses
    • Furries have been around forever as have humans
    • Major historical events
    • Specific places
  • Society
    • Social structures
      • Behaviors
    • Species
      • How genetics work (lol fuck you.  Magic)
      • Favor mothers species, fathers coloration and traits
    • Groups

Magic & Technology

Technology in idWorld is equivalent to modern technology, perhaps only slightly more advanced.  There are gas powered cars, and buses, and airplanes, and the Internet.  Solar and wind power are more more popular, as are walking and biking in areas where the climate permits.  One of the largest differences is the widespread adoption and use of Thaumaturgy.SmartRight

Thaumaturgy is a naturally occurring energy found around the world.  For simplicity, it can also be referred to as magic.  It has been studied through out the ages the same as heat, light, or any other natural phenomenon.  IN different cultures it was refered to by different names; Chi, spirit, etcetc (add more here!).

Geography & History

The modern world is much as our is, many major historical arcs following a very similar path to our own.


General / Local

Aberdeen Polytechnic Institute of Art and Science

This campus is one of the finest in the region, boasting a long history and modernized facilities, as well as one of the largest and most active student bodies in the country.  degrees offered range from the sciences, to the Arts; from bachelors to doctorates.  They have also long been  paired with the regional  Thaumaturlogical Oversight Board/Committee/Clan/Cult/Guild in order to train and administer the local energy fields.

SmartLeftIt’s no coincidence that the college is built where it is. Near it’s center is a large nexus point where several lay lines converge, making their partnership with the TOCs a mutual arrangement.  The thaumaturloagists have high quality facilities to study, manage, and administer the energy in the area; and the institute gets to boast about the quality and degree to which they train their aspiring mages.

The Sir Istravolta Memorial Thaumaturgy Building is one of several research laboratories on campus, and one of the oldest.  Labs range in size from cubical to a large gymnasium sized testing room, and there are rumors that there is a massive underground cavern dating back to before the founding of the college; but these are, officially of course, completely false!