There Will Be Cake

*Ba-bling!* – Taris: Hey, we need some help at the Thaumaturgy building at the institute. We have cake.

Spike looked at his phone, shopping bag in the other hand, and thought.  The orange dragon had just wrapped up his shopping for the day, several pairs of new jeans and shirts in the bag, and the thought of lunch bouncing around his head.  The campus wasn’t that far off, and cake did sound good.  However, sometimes helping with mages ment things getting very strange very fast; and Taris had tried to eat him on more than one occasion.  In the end, his own gut won out, and with a growling belly, he texted the wolftaur back, saying he would be over shortly.

It was a short time later that Spike stepped off a local bus and into the center of campus. Multistorey flat faced buildings formed a very large octagon around the campus center, and students were about,  laying in the grass, playing frisbee, and going to or from classes.  The orange dragon set off for the northern quad of campus, where most of the high energy research buildings were located.  Taris had texted him the specifics after getting his earlier replay, and Spike soon found himself walking down the halls of the Sir Istravolta Memorial Thaumaturgy Building, looking at numbers on doors.

“Lab 2f,” he muttered to himself, finding it located on the second floor.  The door was shut, but he could see Taris and someone else through the window, as well as most of laboratory. Taris was clad in a simple grey patterned vest, and was jokingly trying to put on a labcoat several sizes too small, laughing heartily to the other person with him.  The other with him was a white anthro dragon with large leathery wings, bright red hair, and spikes running down his back.  He chuckled and gently took the lab coat from the wolftaur, who sat on his haunches, tail sweeping back and forth across the black and white tiled linoleum floor.  Two of the walls were covered in what looked to be durable and modular electrical equipment, knobs, switches, spectrograph displays, and readouts aplenty. Some components had large gauge cables and plugs running to one another as well and the overall effect was something out of a mad scientist’s laboratory.  The other wall was covered in a large chalkboard that ran the length of the room, with two old battered desk  pushed up against it, piles of books and notepads already cluttering them, and calculations and charts already starting to populate the chalkboard.  A large sturdy lab table sat pushed off to the wall near the door.

Spike knocked and let himself in, announcing his presence and getting both occupants attention.

“Ah! Spike, you’re here!” the large wolftaur beamed, spreading his arms wide in greeting.  “This is Dr. Izixs O’Isto and he’s the one providing the cake!  Also, he is starting some experiments and asked for my help!”

“Yes, Taris here agreed to help me with some of my research. Nothing too rigorous, I assure you, just some  attunement experiments.  I’m trying to dramatically increase the speed at which someone can be paired with a crystal, you see, and we need to get some data.  If you’ll just step over here, Taris already provided me with some of your data and I have you sign a few things,” the dragon stepped across the room, picking up a clipboard and presenting it to his fellow orange dragon.

Spike pauses in the process of putting his bag on the table, noting a simple untouched white cake on the table. “Now, wait just a minute,” he says, turning the the researcher with extended clipboard and pen.  “I don’t know what Taris told you, but I’m-” There was a loud slam as the door is shut by the wolftaur, who had gotten up and closed it behind Spike. “Not just here for the cake, right? You loved doing science stuff back in college, so I just knew you would be a perfect volunteer! Besides,” the wolftaur said, wrapping a large forepaw around the dragons middle and pulling him up against his exposed, soft furred chest, breathing lightly into Spike’s ear, the innuendo thick in his voice. “You won’t get ‘cake’ if you don’t sign up.”Spike’s belly growled audibly, giving him pause.

He looked to the dragon with the clipboard, who smiled pleasantly, and to the grinning wolftaur over his shoulder.  His stomach growled again and he gave up on apprehension, taking the pen and clipboard from Izixs, hardly reading a thing before signing and dating the form.  “I don’t know what you’re  planning, but will it take long? I’m hungry.”

Taris plucked the clipboard from Spike’s hand as soon as he finished signing and handed it to the doctor, who set  it on one of the desks. “No, I don’t think this will take too long at all and besides, i’m hungry too.” Taris said as he grabbed the hem of Spike’s shirt and pulled it up, wrapping it around the dragons head and leaving it there, with Spike’s arms stuck up in the  air. Taris slid his paws down Spike’s abdomen and deftly undid his belt and pants, effectively pantsing the dragon in under ten seconds.

Spike was, of course, slightly upset about this. “What the hell you crazy canine! What are you doing?!” Spike struggled in  his shirt, and tried to spin around to face his aggressor, but  with his pants around his ankles, quickly tripped himself.  Fortunately, Taris was ready and caught the falling dragon in his arms, guiding him gently to the cold linoleum floor.

“Oh, feisty, I like my food with some wiggle in them.” Taris walked around the prone dragon as he pulled  his shirt up over his head, freeing himself.  “Now, for this  experiment, I’m going to eat you and you’re going to cooperate, or no cake for you,” Taris taunted.

“Oh like hell  you are, I’m nobody’s lunch!” Spike said, struggling with his feet entrapped in his pants, trying to pull them  back up.  But, as Spike tried to sit up to grab at his leggings, a shadow overfell him, he looked up to see the great underbelly of the wolftaur standing over him.  What’s more, he looked up just in time for the wolftaur’s soft furred testicals to drag over his muzzle. The full  force of his musky, intoxicating scent hitting Spike full in the face.  Spike gave pause at this, forgetting his own exposed genitals for a second, before the wolftaur stopped, and sat down, pressing Spike to the floor.  Taris shifted his behind, not putting his full weight on his friend, but certainly pinning him firmly to the floor, and rocked his hips a little, his large testicals resting on the smooth scales of Spike’s chest, while something warm was pressed against his face.

“Oh, come now Spike, you say that like it’s a bad thing.  Just because I’m going to eat you doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, right?”  The wolftaur gently but firmly spreaded Spike’s legs with  a forepaw, the great limb easily forced his legs apart.  A single dextrus digit traced up Spike’s thigh, gliding up to press against Spike’s hidden reptilian slit.  A little prodding and he gained entrance, coaxing the head of Spike’s onyx shaft  out.  While he toyed with Spike, the wolftaur shifted his hips more, pressing his hidden, warm feminine lips to Spike’s muzzle.  It takes a moment, but the dragon relented and turned his head to point at the wolftaur, the soft furred lips spreading around the cool dragon snout.

Supporting himself on three legs, Taris wrapped a forepaw around Spike’s hardening shaft, slowly tugging on the black length. As Spike nuzzled and licked at the wolftaurs female passage, his cock quickly hardened. The dragon’s black shaft, now firm, slipped between the wolftaur’s toes, placing the reptilian cock between them and running his paw up and down his length.  As Taris gripped the base of the cock, Spike moaned aloud into the soft wet passage wrapped around his muzzle, muffling  the sound and sending wonderful vibrations of pleasure into the wolftaur’s depths. Gripping firmly at the base, Taris pulled upward, sliding his rough textured footpad along the soft delicate skin, a drop of pre coming out of the tip.  Once to the top, he pressed the hard shaft to Spike’s belly and pressed his paw down, pinning it to the scales beneath.  As Spike became more and more engrossed in the pleasure of the drooling passage engulfing his face, Taris slid a single blunt claw tip down the underside of Spike’s midnight shaft, causing the dragon beneath him to shudder pleasantly.  Spike pulled his muzzle from  the dripping passage, and licked softly at the wolftaur’s ass, grinning each  time  the  tight pucker twitched.  Murring, Taris lifted Spike’s drooling shaft and gripped it tightly, using the new lube from the tip to more easily slide down his length, squeezing the dragons swelling knot between his knuckles.

Again and again they repeated these motions, getting more and more engrossed in their own pleasures.  Spike’s long tongue had slipped from between his lips and tickled deep into the wolftaur’s feminine passage, causing the wolftaur to shudder and twitch atop him whenever he found a particularly sensitive spot.  Occasionally he drew his head  back, and would probe and tongue the wolftaur’s tight little rosebud, drawing pleasured moans from  the beast above him.  Taris could feel an orgasm building in his loins and rocked harder against the entrapped dragon’s muzzle.  A bubbling heat filled his haunches as he felt Spike’s shaft begin to throb under his paw.  Sensing their impending climaxes, the wolftaur reared back on his hind legs, taking Spike’s head in to past his eye ridges into his pliable canine passage as both his forepaws wrapped around Spike’s cock, sliding the shaft between his pawpads.  Spike’s hips rocked and left the floor as he pressed into the welcoming paws wrapped around his obsidian length.  He roared out, into the wolftaur’s passage as orgasm took him, hot white jets of dragon cum painted the wolftaur’s paws.  The dragon’s roar set of the wolftaur’s own orgasm, his vagina clasping tight around the roaring dragon, the wolftaur’s whole frame shuddered as he slide forward, catching himself on his painted paws, sliding Spike’s muzzle from his sopping passage.

Spike wasn’t sure how long he had laid on the floor, several minutes at least he was sure.  It had been some time since he had had such a powerful climax, his head still spinning as he opened his eyes. When he looked around, he was confused to find everything upside down. A few more seconds of disorientation allowed him to gather enough of his wits to realise his legs were very warm, wet, and he couldn’t move them very easily.  Spike looked down his  chest, covered in cooling dragon cum and could see Taris  staring back, his eyes happily glazed over as he gulped again.

“T-that was a dirty trick you just pulled…  B-but i think i’ll let it go this time,” Spike mumbled to Taris as he let his arms hang above his  head, his hips sliding past the wolftaur’s lips.  As the Taris swallowed up his belly and chest, he started to regain his senses, and looked over at the other  dragon, who was sitting at a desk, watched amusedly, pen hovering over his notepad, jotting this  or that as he felt his armpits claimed by those jaws.  Taris tilted his head up as he gulped the last few times, Spike’s face becoming covered in wolf drool as he slid fully into  his  throat, his arms slurped up after him like big orange spaghetti noodles.  His feet slid around the  bend between the forelegs, his form building out Taris’ chest and upper portions until his streamlined shape subsided, sliding down into the taur stomach.

Sliding into the first of the wolftaur’s two stomachs  in his  taur body. Spike curled his tail around his feet, trying to keep himself compact so as to leave enough space for himself to move around a bit. A little light just made the folds of the pink walls visible, and glistened off the clear goo that clung to the walls, and his scales.  He felt the chamber sway, rocking him from side to side as Taris moved about, a muted, muttered conversation taking place outside.  There’s a pause, and something soft and goopy plopped onto Spike’s head, followed by another and another glob.

“Hey!  What are you doing out there,” Spike demanded, shouting to be  heard through the muscle and bone between  himself and those outside. A rumbling shouted reply came back. “Eating cake, of course.  That is why you agreed to help us today, right?” Taris patted  his distended belly and downed another large mouthful of cake as Izixs watched on with a smirk, a plate of cake and fork in his own hands.  A few seconds later, a large glob of cake fell right on top of Spike’s muzzle.

“You double crosser! You think you can get away with that?” Spike shouted, thrashing about some, and getting to his hands and knees inside the wolftaur.

“I think I already have, the cake’s almost gone now, and if you want any, it’s all in there with you, or will be soon!” Taris  shouted back  through a mouth full of cake.

Spike grumbled and growled, but when the next gob of cake belched forth from the wolftaur’s esophagus, he caught it in his paw and took a bite, quickly finishing it.  Rather than let any more cake fall into the increasingly gooey mess at the bottom, Spike put his muzzle to the tightly closed sphincter and as the next half chewed chunk of cake came down, he simple gulped that right up.  “Take that you stupid wolftaur, this is my cake now…” he grinned to himself, taking this one small victory.

Several more chunks of cake came down, some ending up in Spike’s gullet, and the rest covering the orange dragon with frosting and baked good.  A few solid thumps from outside signaled the last of the cake, and Spike rolled onto his back, his feet  pointing towards the taur’s hindquarters.  Things shifted and rocked as Taris and Izixs cleaned up the lab and shut things down for the day.  Several large bed rolls were laid out for the taur and he lay down, waving to Izixs.

“Ok, you sleep that off and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow to finish getting our  readings.  Sleep well Taris,” Izixs said, closing the door to the lab behind him.

“Goodnight Doc, see you in the morning,” Taris called back, pulling out his book and starting to read.  After a moment he tapped his belly getting a tap back.  “Hey, you still awake in there?” he asked.

“Yeah, marinating in cake and wolf drool.  What’s next?” Spike asked.

“Oh you know, the usual.  Sleep, digest, tomorrow I’ll crap out your remains and you’ll wake up at home,” the wolftaur grinned, rubbing his belly.  “Did you like it?  When i was sitting on your face, i mean.”

Spike shivered at the thought,  though not unpleasantly.  “Yeah, actually…  I did  like  it. Why  do you ask,” Spike replied, shifting around in the wolftaur’s stomach.

“Ok ,it’s just, uhm, interesting.  Thinking about it, how much you loved licking around the passage I’m going to squeeze you out of tomorrow.  Dragon in one end, wolf shit out the other.”

Spike  shuddered again, his onyx cock poking up through the warm stomach slime and slurried cake. “Y-yeah..  that’s a, uhm, neat though I guess.”  His paw slide though the goo, using it as his clawed paw slide over his shaft.

“Oh come on, you were really getting into me back there…  You sure you didnt like it even a little, the tiny little pucker, flexing every time you licked across it, getting it ready to spit out your digested goopy remains?” the wolftaur grinned, setting his book down as he felt a soft rhythmic rocking starting to emanate from his stomach.  “The tight little rosebud unwilling to let in your tongue, but more then ready to expel your bones and scales, dropping your skull on top of a steaming pile?”

Spike was floating in a world of bliss, the  last of his inhibitions gone as the wolftaur dug deep, exposing every dirty thought he’d had this afternoon.  The goop in the  wolftaur’s first stomach was harmless, but it’s mucus like properties making for an amazing lube as bits of frosting floated around the dragon.  He moaned aloud, loud enough for Taris to hear,  as he rocked his hips against his hand.  Under his feet, on the other end of the constricted stomach,  a tight  ring of muscle loosened, and started to draw bits of cake and stomach slime in, slowly drawing in Spike’s toes.

“Just think, in a few hours, your lovely scaled ass will get broken down, turned into goo like so much of that cake I ate.  I’m going to digest you Spike, and you’re going to love every moment of it,” Taris promised.  He pressed on some of the bulges in his gut, pressing on Spike’s  knees and forcing his feet into his  second stomach.  A slight whiff of the acidic content of the second chamber caught in Spike’s nose, and he knew his time was starting to run short.  He beat his shaft faster, harder, as he screwed his eyes shut, feeling the ring of muscle creep past his calves, and knees.  His scales were covered in sticky goo from the first stomach, and his scales were tough, so he didn’t feel the bite  of the acidic environment  right away.  Taris pressed again, and squeezed his abdominal muscles, sliding his meal from his first stomach to his second, ready to get to the next stage of today’s experiment.  A burp brought the flavor of cake and Spike back to his  breath, and he grinned, feeling his internal  plumbing stretched wide by Spike’s hips.

While his  scales and the goop from the first stomach offered  Spike some protection, from the already  waiting pool of digestive fluids in  the second, and a hot  tingling shot up his spine as the  more  exposed  areas of his  anatomy were washed in a harsh bath.  His anus tingled, flexing tightly shut as he furiously slide his paw over his shaft, feeling his orgasm welling up, ready to burst.   As his chest and arms are pulled through,  Taris squeezes his stomach again, pulling spike into his caustic second stomach.  In moments the protection afforded by the layer of cake across his body is washed away, and Spike noticed it began to itch around his scales, and under arms as acids tried to eat their way into him.  Every breath burned, but all this only served to heighten his experience.  With a loud roar, surely heard several rooms away, he climaxed again, painting his inhospitable prison with more white dragon seed.  The air was thin, and as he panted, trying to regain his breath, the edges of his vision started to fade to black.  The itching under  his tail and around his groin had quickly grown to a burning sensation, and he tried to cup his paws and cover himself.  Each breath hurt, the thin acidic air already starting to break down his  lungs as his body felt like it was on fire.

The  orange dragon blacked out shortly after that, as Taris’ guts went about their grim work.   Taris  himself resumed his book with a contented grin, stroking his belly now and then as it gurgled around his meal.  He stayed up for several hours, as his stomach worked over his friend. Though he couldn’t see it, he knew well enough what  was going on under his  skin.  His stomach acids would find every chink in the dragons armor, and seep in.  Soft flesh dissolved first, opening the gates for more caustic sludge to work its way within the dragon.  Eyes, ears, mouth, gorin, all were weak points that were exploited as the dragon was disolved from the inside out.  Scales flaked off in great patches, and as the wolftaur’s stomach became more active, it began to compress it’s meal.  Gurgles and sloshes  signaled it’s beginning, and with a few small pops  in  one contraction, and a loud CRUNCH in in the next, a leg was torn asunder and the dragons arm  was broken.  This continued for several hours, and lulled the wolftaur to sleep after he put his book down for the night

Though the night his body worked over the dragon, the once walking talking anthro dragon reduced to a thick gurgling slurry  that slowly made it’s way  through the intestines.  The goo, scales, and bones were all picked over, and what was not needed was passed along, and packed into the wolftaur’s colon, dried for it’s moisture to be reused, and compacted into tight clumps.

Morning came, and taris  was awoken by Izixs unlocking the lab door and entering with tray of coffee from the campus cafe.  “Rise and shine, I’ve got your coffee,” he grinned, offering the largest cup that would fit in the cup carrier.

Rubbing sleep from his eyes and stretching his legs upon the mats, Taris took the coffee offered by Izixs and had a sip.  “Thanks, I’ll finish this and we can get started shortly after.”   He sat there, clearing sleep from his head as Izixs set up for the next phase of the experiment, placing a large plastic lined box on the floor.

Soon enough, Taris had finished his coffee tossed the empty cup in the trash before stepping up onto the box.  He patted  his gut, nearly back to it’s normal size and stretched again. turning around so his tail was over the box.  “Morning Spike, time for you and that cake to come out.  you  may want to turn on the vent, Doc,” he said.

As powerful ventilation fans kicked on across the room, Taris squatted over the box and bore down on his  rump.  Slowly, his rosebud of an anus spread around a thick greenish turd.  The excretion spread him  and dropped into  the box.  Another soon followed, getting darker in color.  The third  tickled  on the way out, and looking back, Taris could see little orange flakes studding  the surface.  “Ah, here he comes,” he  mumbled, resuming his work.

Over the course of several more minutes, more logs dropped into the box, piling up upon one another.  Many were studded with orange scales, and several had fractured bits of bone, one had the whole skeletal hand of the dragon embedded on the side.  But these, and more were soon dwarfed as  the wolftaur droppings became larger, accompanied by growls and grunts.  A whole femur bone stuck out clearly from one deposit, and another contained half a hip bone.  Thankfully the smell was quickly drawn from the room  by  the vents, or the experience would  have been much less pleasant for both Taris and Izixs.  Another grunt spreads the wolftaur particularly wide.  A long turd creeps from his ass, in fits and starts.  Each rib from the dragon  was preserved in this loaf and caught on his anal ring each step of the way. It too  fell into the box with a heavy splat.  Panting, Taris bears down one more  time, and a smaller turd drops out, a shit stained dragon skull staring up at the anus he had made love to only last  night.

Panting, taris stands upwind of the box as he recovers, looking down at his handy work. He flips out his smartphone and snaps a quick picture  before Izixs puts on his rubber gloves and tightly seals the box, wrapping it in plastic to seal it  completely.  “I’ll go get this weighed and then dispose of it.  Thanks for  helping out taris, I’ll keep you  posted when the next testing dates are.  Will Spike be joining us then too?”

Taris finishes typing a text and sends it.  “I’m not sure, I’ll have to get back to you on that.  See you later doc,”  he says, as Izixs leaves the lab.  He gets a text as he shuts off the vents, and checks his phone before leaving the lab himself.


*Ba-bling!*Taris: Hey spike, thanks for helping yesterday.  Here’s the fruits of your labor! CLICK TO OPEN  PICTURE

*Ba-bling!* – Spike: haha very funny you asshole.  What were you guys testing yesterday anyway?

*Ba-bling!* Taris: Oh, nothing yet. We needed a control group and that was you! So the actual science doesn’t start until next week. ;D

*Ba-bling!* Spike: WHAT?!  YOU SON OF A BITCH! DX