School Spirit

They whooped and hollered all the way back to their dormitory.  They had won, it had been an intense game, but in the end they were victorious against their rivals!  Amongst the rancorous rabble were the two goat siblings, who had gone to the game to try to lift their spirits.  Judith had just dumped her iguana boyfriend when he found him cheating on her with the naga from her calculus class.  Cornelius has been stuck in a dry spell since he had to drop out of the lacrosse team to second string to focus more on his studies; that scholarship only counted if he kept his grades up.  So, arms across each others shoulders, they marched and sang their schools theme song off key with a group of others form the game all the way back to their dormitory, their singing aided with a little more spirits than just school spirit.

“AAAAnd we sing it proud and we sing it loud, Good old Aberdeen,” they finished, reaching the doors.  Upon entering, some went off to the lobby to continue the festivities, while others broke off to their rooms, calling it a night.  Judith and Cornelius stopped in the stairwell, still supporting each other as they contemplated the stairs.

“I don’t think I can make it to the sixth floor tonight sis,” Cornelius said.

“Well spend the night in my room, It’s only two flights,” offered Judith, flicking her bangs out of her eyes.  “I dont think my RA will mind you crashing there since you’re my brother.  And Sally is out partying and probably won’t be back tonight anyway.”

The larger male goat considers this and sets an unsteady hoof on the first step.  “Anything sounds better than six flights of stairs right now, even your roommate.”

The lithe, busty goat slaps her brother playfully across the back.  “Oh, she’s not that bad,” she scolds playfully, though it is true that Shelly can get rather territorial.  Carefully, the two make their way up to the girls only third floor, and stumble their way down the hall, giggling to one another as they hold each other up.  Judith fumbles with her keys and drops them, bending over carefully to pick them up, her legs spread as her skirt rides up her ass, giving her brother a nice view of her white furred ass and thong.  Cornelius, for his part, considered looking away, but his inhibited mind insisted he at least look, before his sister rights herself and manages to open the door.

The two of them tumble into the small room and Judith kicks the door shut with her hoof before stumbling over to her bed, followed by her brother, where they both flop into the unmade mess of covers. “Uunff,” Judith mutters into her bedding, fumbling blindly on her nightstand for the remote, which she uses to turn on the TV to some mindless late night show.  Cornelius reclines on his elbows and watches, giving a mild chuckle at some of the jokes. Judith rolls over and watches too, putting her head in her brother’s lap and pulling her legs up onto the bed. The room was filled with the mixed scent of goat, pizza, and long lost perfumes.

After a while she sits up and fans herself, feeling warm.  Looking over at her brother, he’s looking a little hot too, breathing a little harder.  “Are you hot too?” she asks.

“You know it, the girls can’t get enough of the G,” he smirks.  Judith  was not amused.

“Our parents named you Cornelius because they knew how corny all your jokes would be, you know that right?”  she teases.

“Ouch…  but yeah, i am feeling warm.  You think the temperature controls broke again?” he asks.

“Probably…  better hot then cold though, in this weather.  What are you doing?” she asks, as Cornelius starts to pull his shirt up over his head, revealing his well toned athletic goat abs and chest.

“It’s hot, I’m taking off my shirt,” he responds, nonplussed.  Judith considers this for a second before making a decision.  Without another thought she pulls her own school jersy up over her head and tosses it to the floor, amongst other discarded clothing.  Her breasts are held back by a light blue bra, maybe one size too small, while the pink tops of her udders peaked out above her skirt.  Cornelius can’t take his eyes off her body,  the TV forgotten.

“S-sis, what the hell?” he stammers, nose flaring with each deep breath he takes.

“What.  I’m hot too you know, you saw a half dozen half dressed girls at the game.” she says, stretching her arms out, managing to accidentally push her breasts out further towards her brother.  A second later she realizes what she’s done and draws her arms back in, bringing one up to slightly cover her breasts, blushing a little under her fur.  “B-besides, it’s my room, i can dress or undress as i please.”

Cornelius for his part manages to tear his eyes away and look back at the TV, though the show has lost any appeal.  “S-sure, whatever,” he says, as Judith  returns her head to his lap.

It’s only a few minutes later, as they’re trying to get back to the late night show and it’s raunchy jokes when she notices something that hadn’t been there before.  The side of her head resting on her brother’s lap was being poked, and she blushed a deep crimson at the thought of what it was.  Rather than scream or get up, she tried to ignore it, but only found her thoughts drawn more and more toward her brothers package under her head, separated by a thin layer of denim.

Cornelius noticed too, and after a while shifted in his seat a little.  “Uh…  sis?” he asked, wondering what she was thinking.

“Hm?  yeah?” she responded, being drawn out of her own little world.

“Co- could you move your head a little? It’s resting right on my, erhm, you know…”

“Oh, uh, yeah, i guess i could,” the female goat says, sitting back up, but instead of looking at the TV, her eyes are drawn to the sizable bulge in her brothers pants.  A tense few seconds pass before she speaks. “Hey, bro, whens the last time you…  you know..”

“I’m..  not sure what you’re asking,” he says nervously, shifting in his seat a little.

“You know, with a girl, when’s the last time you got laid,” she asks, blushing a little harder, and still not taking her eyes off her brother’s crotch.

“Oh, uh, it’s been a few weeks, since before I had to drop my position on the team…  why?” he asks, a deep crimson blush showing through his own white cheek fur.

Judith’s brain  was in overdrive. Most of the alcohol from the earlier festivities had worn off, of that she was sure, so why was she so hot and bothered by her own brother’s dick?!  The next words that came from her mouth surprised even her.  “I- I could help you with that, if you’ll let me,” she offered, even as a paw reached for the fly of his pants.

Cornelius was taken aback to say the least, but his lower brain had no problems responding to the offer, the bulge in his pants throbbing visibly, and soon had his upper brain convinced.  Unable to speak, he simply looked his sister in the eye and nodded. His scent filled both their noses as she pulled the zipper down, the drone of the TV lost to the background.

His large red organ sprang up, now unconstrained in it’s fabric prison.  Judith smiled and inhaled deeply, leaning over to get a good look. “My my, going commando huh? Thought you might get lucky at the game?” she asked, licking her lips as her paw grasped the base of his long caprinae shaft.

Cornelius raised his hips up off the bed as his sister grasped the base of his penis, a hefty drop of pre leaking from his tip. “I’ve been going through a dry spell, I thought maybe, yeah, I’d pick up someone.  I- I just didn’t think it would be my own si-sister,” he studders, as Judith drags her broad tongue up from the base of his shaft to the tip, licking the bead of pre off his shaft and drawing her tongue slowly back into her mouth, looking up at her brother.

The two had been close growing up, only a year apart.  Sure they had had their fights, but they had also faced many challenges and helped each other out on countless occasions.  It had been Judith that had found her brother the scholarship to help pay for his college, and it had been Cornelius that had tutored her in world history so she could keep her scholarship. Together they could take on nearly anything.

But this was taking their relationship to a whole new and strange place.  Cornelius took deep breaths as his sister slipped her lips around his shaft and started to slowly bob her head up and down, her tick tongue and broad lips sliding over his eager shaft. Her own moans where what surprised him the most, and he noticed her other paw had reached between her legs, and she was obviously fingering herself.  Getting an idea, Cornelius slowly rotated his body and lay down on the bed, tapping his sisters hip.  She quickly got the idea and shuffled over, managing to keep the head of his dick between her lips.  Flipping her skirt up and out of the way, she pulled her fingers from her engorged pink lips and lowered them to her brother’s lips.  Her udder swung before him, and his paws came up to cup her teats, playfully tugging at them and causing another throaty moan to slide out of his sister.  He titled his muzzle up and slide his tongue between her wet folds, tentatively at first, and quickly growing bolder as her musky, tangy flavor coated his tongue.

Before long, she was bobbing her head up and down on his shaft eagerly, while her juices dripped from his goatee .  Cornelius could feel a building pressure in his balls, but before he could say anything, Judith pulled off his cock and sat up, pressing the whole of his muzzle between her lips for a moment before pulling off him, swinging around on her knees to face him, looking him straight in the eyes.

“Ok brother, it looks like we’re going to do this thing, so we shouldn’t do it half assed.  Are you willing to go all the way with me?” she asked, fully serious, but her lust bubbling through the undertones of her question.

“Oh hell yes,” was her brother’s reply.  “I can’t say i hadn’t thought about it before, but I didn’t think you would appreciate the subject,” he responded, spreading his legs a little more and propping himself up on his elbows again.

“Yeah?  Well, if I’d have known you were packing this monster, well, let’s just say that now i wish you’d have said something sooner.”  And with that the lithe female goat swing her leg over her brother’s hips and straddled him.  Reaching down, she undid the side of her skirt and tossed that aside as well, putting her udders and dripping slit on full display.  Without any further ceremony, she pointed her big brother’s big cock at her opening and slowly lowered herself down.  The head of his cock parted her folds, and quickly, inch after inch of his length was enveloped by her soft, hot walls.

Both moan out in unison as Judith/s furred ass comes to rest on her brother’s balls, her lips kissing his pelvis.  She shudders when he flexes inside her, touching all her secret spaces.  Taking a deep breath she raises her hips back up, only to slam back down on her brother.  A quick rhythm soon develops, Cornelius putting his paws on her hips, his thumbs playing over the teats on her udders while she works her bra off so she can play with her breasts.

Cornelius is ecstatic, not only does he get to finally blow off some tension, but with his own sister no less! In the back of his mind, he knows he should feel at least a little ashamed, but as he feels the ridges of her soft velvet like walls clench around his cock, it’s hard to feel anything but good about their current situation.  Before long though, he can feel the stirring in his loins, and speaks up.  “Sis, I’m close, it’s been a while and I’m going to blow.”

Judith pants as she rams herself down over and over on this wonderfully thick toy that’s been so close but hidden from her for so long.  “That’s fine, do it inside me, I’m safe.  I’ve already come twice,” she manages to say between pants, closing her eyes as she squeezes her luscious breasts.

With her permission granted, Cornelius raises his hips to meet her thrusts, and with just a few more strokes, his massive goat balls draw up towards his body, and gout after gout of thick seed sprays from the tip of his cock, splashing against his sisters innermost chamber, painting her hot red interior a gooey, sticky white.  Again and again he fires off, weeks of pent up goat seed gushing into his sister’s womb, filling her up while a few rivulets ooze out between their union.  His own orgasm, and the sheer volume, trigger Judith’s third, and most powerful orgasm rocks her body, her mouth framed in an O as her nethers quake.  It’s over in seconds, but the moment seems to stretch on and on, and both are passed out asleep before their heads hit the mattress, sister draped over brother,  his cock still gently pulsing the last of it’s load inside her.



A Short Time Later

Judith awoke first, a warm glow radiating from her belly and filling her from her horns to her hooves.  Never had sex been so great, she thought, looking down at her brother still sleeping beneath her.  She rested her head back upon his chest and let out a small contented sigh, feeling some of her brothers seed slosh within her belly, enjoying her afterglow.  But, something was amiss.


She looks down to see her roommate’s face, or the top of it anyway, with her lips around the goats ass, her legs deep in her gullet.  That warm glow wasn’t just from the amazing sex she had, it’s because she was being eaten alive!  All things considered, she took it rather well.

“Oh, uh, hi Sally.  You’re back early, and, erhm, hungry, it seems…” Judith  stammered, wiggling her hips a little, her brother’s flaccid cock still trapped between her thighs.  Sally’s response was to swallow again, bringing her roommate’s hips into her mouth.  Judith sighed, knowing she wouldn’t get an answer from her predatory roommate until she was well and fully uckd into her guts.  It wasn’t until Sally had engulfed the duo to their necks (Judith having stuck her brother’s arms to his sides to help) that Cornelius awoke.

[aesop_quote width=”100%” background=”#282828″ text=”#ffffff” height=”200″ quote=”Judith, S-Sally? Wh-what the hell?!”]

“Judith, S-Sally?  Wh-what the hell?!” he exclaimed with a startled cry.

“Shhh, relax brother, it’s ok.”


“B-but she’s eating us! You’re roommate is-” and with that Judith cut her brother off with a deep and passionate kiss, as Sally’s lips crept over their heads and sealed shut above them.  Inside her mouth Judith continued the kiss, her brother relaxing some as the throat took hold of them and drew them swiftly to her stomach.  Judith also noticed that, during their trip down, her brother’s cock and stirred to life again within her, and was swelling between her nether lips pleasantly. In short order they were forced into the felines stomach, which smelled of chips, stale beer, and had an acrid tinge.

Judith broke the kiss and rolled her hips, as much as she could, against her brothers engorging shaft, grinning like a food in the dim blackness of her friend’s guts.

“BUUURP* Oh my, excuse me,” came a voice from, well, all around the two.  Sally patted her belly and rolled onto her side, stroking the two lovers under her pelt.  “Hello Judith, Cornelius.  My my, I must say, i was a little surprised to find you two in here, having sex…  in my bed.” she said, adding the last bit after a short pause.

Cornelius listened, and groaned, while Judith let out a half hearted laugh.  “Hehe, oops! Sorry ‘bout that Sally, we we’re really drunk you see, and I didn’t think about where we sat down when we came in and-” another loud burp interrupts her, and shrinks the stomach a bit, pushing the two lovers closer together as the hot slimy organ starts to come to life around them.

“Yeah yeah, i don’t really care as to the why, although i do want to hear this saucy little tale involving you and your brother later,” the tigress smiles, stroking the two forms as her stomach growls around them.  Cornelius asks if she’s going to let the two of them out.  “Oh yes, you two will come out in the morning, when i take care of my morning routine in the bathroom,” she says casually.  “Want to tell him about our arrangement Judy?”

Judith keeps rocking her hips, sliding her brothers dick around inside her while she can, and hugs her brother close as the walls grind against them.  “Don’t call me that,” she quips loud enough for Sally to hear through her pelt.  “You see brother, Sally is very territorial about her stuff and her ‘personal space’. We agreed at the beginning of the semester that we would respect each other’s boundaries and if we didn’t there would be ‘consequences’.  Well, we kind of accidentally had sex on her bed, so, this is the consequence…” she said, rubbing the now slimy fur on her brother’s chest.

Cornelius sat in relative silence for a minute, though his train of thought was constantly interrupted whenever his sister would squeeze around his dick.  “So, let me get this straight… if you cross the line in your room, your roommate eats you?” he muttered to Judith.

“That’s the short version, yeah… It’s not like we had any plans for the rest of the night, right?” she asked, cooing as a rather strong stomach contraction forced her brother’s cock deeper inside her sticky passage.  Cornelius for his part, took it rather well, and pulled Judith’s muzzle up for a kiss, intending to make the most of the remainder of their time, and begin to fuck his sister in earnest, within the oozing stomach of her roommate, who was even now starting to doze off and digest them both.

As they two copulated, the acids within the chamber grew stronger, the contractions more aggressive, and kept their mating at a frantic pace.  Brother and sister fucked like there was no tomorrow, and truthfully didn’t even realize how far digestion was setting in until Cornelius blew his second load into his sister’s womb, and they noticed their fur coming out in large patches, and an uncomfortable itching covering their bodies.  Thankfully, Sally let out a few more belches, taking their air with it, and the two passed out embracing one another in her guts, brother’s cock buried deep in his sister’s pussy, oozing spent cum around their union.

The stomach that held them cared not, and st about it’s grim task of liquefying skin and muscle, organs and fur and bones worked over and picked at for any nutrients.  Within hours the two lovers were a thick disgusting slurry of bones, fur, and digested meat traveling through the large contented tigress’s intestines.  A crack here, and gurgle there as bones too were worked over, some of the larger ones crushed by strong muscle spasms to make things move along easily.  Sally rolled over in her sleep, causing the oozing contents of her intestines to shift as they traveled, a few bones clacking audibly together.  As night wore on, what remained of the siblings were passed on and packed into tight gooey clumps, spaced with bone and fur, and some small remnants of the male’s pants and other small bits of fabric.

As dawn crested the horizon over the sleeping college, Sally, like her classmates, slept on, and it wasn’t until some hours later she stirred, feeling primal urges calling her.  Slipping on a light overdress and slippers, she made her way out of the room and to the shared bathroom across the hall.  eyes only half open she picks a stall and squats down, relaxing her bowels.  A puff of gas signals the start of a long process, first a few small bits, then larger clumps spreading her feminine sphincter wide.  The first splash into the over-sized toilet, followed by more, these packed with what are clearly small bones, and a pair of hooves.  With a grunt, the tigress bears down, forcing more clay like gunk from her body, all of it splashing down, more and more containing larger bones.  Half a hip bone spreads her ass wide as she pants and braces herself on the wall of the stall.  In short order several more logs are pressed from her buttocks, and one clearly contains the ruined remains of a goat skull, staring up at the felines ass with a shit filled eye socket.  The next lump buries it, being much of clay like sludge, and a mixed clump of fur and small bones.  Several more furry turds drop down before the tigress finished, nearly filling the toilet designed for just such a predator.  With a sigh she stands and glances back at her handy work, taking a moment to admire what her body was able to do to her roommate and her brother.  Her sluggish thoughts drift back to what she had seen them doing last night and a grin crosses her muzzle as she wipes herself clean, flushing away their mortal remains as the grinder in the base of the toilet deals with any undigested bones.


When she returns to her room she can see her roommate sprawled out, this time on the correct bed, covers tossed aside and naked body on display. Her crystal on her nightstand hummed softly in it’s charger, replenishing its energy from the task of reforming her body.  No doubt her brother was having a similar experience several stories up in the boy’s dorm.  The two had enjoyed experimenting before, Judith being much more sexually active then the tigress, and was able to show her a great many entertaining things.  But it was the thought of her and her brother, getting it on, doing it!  That really set her heart racing and her loins aching.  It was just a Saturday, after all, plenty of time for all three of them to have some play time.

Images (C) Lucky

Story and characters (C) Taris Quickpaw