Pizza for Three

For Kees Hawker


Donny’s Pizzeria was one of the best pizza places in the neighborhood not because of their handmade brick oven, or the warm, inviting diningroom that opened onto a brick patio, or even the jolly aging italian owner and his two sons that operated the kitchen.  It was because Donny made pizzas large enough to satisfy even a taur’s hunger, though Kee as it sat down at an available table to wait for his housemate and his new girlfriend to arrive. The only thing that could make his pizzas better, though Kee, would be live micros as a topping.  He watched as a rather short dappled bunny took the order of the table nearby, and licked his lips. And if I weren’t on this ‘diet’ I might sneak an appetizer.

 Kee was early, and the aardwolf-taur shifted his haunches as he waited, putting in a drink order and letting the waitress know he was waiting for friends, drooling only a little as he watched her shirt clad rump retreat to the waitress station to get his drink.  Kees watched the comings and goings of the pizzeria, glad that he had picked a secluded corner of the shop to wait, out of the main view of the other patrons for the most part.  As it was a Friday night, there were many couples and families out for a night of pizza and revelry, small children cheering for their pizzas, and young couples playing footsie under the tables while they ate their pizzas.

 It was about the time when his stomach let out a loud, low growl that Kee received a text from Vince, his lynx housemate.

 Vince: Kee im running late work needs an extra set off pause

 With a sigh, Kee sent a reply.  Well just put them on pause and get over here so we can eat

Vince: paws not pause you derp. watch for my gf she should b there son.

Kee: ok ill watch for a desperate single lady

Vince: ur an as just tell her ill be late

Kee: why don’t you text her

Vince: she has new phone dont have numb ear yet g2g

Well, thought Kee, looks like I’ll need to find some way to pass the time.  He keeps his phone out and plays a few games while he waits, absent mindedly drinking his pop.  People come and go, and before long he notices he’s finished his drink, and now has to use the bathroom.  Getting up he asks the waitress for a refill while he takes care of his business.  The aard-taur stands and makes his way along the back toward the toilets, and lets himself in, noticing it’s a single large co-op restroom.  A teenage ferret is using one of the standing urinals, and Kee quickly makes his way to a stall marked for taurs, locking the door behind himself and waiting for the door to open and close again, signaling that the bathroom now empty.

Now alone, the taur relieved himself and unlocked the stall, moving over to the sink to wash his paws.  As he turned on the water however, a toilet flushed and a stall opened, and a stunning red vixen walked out in a light yellow patterned sundress. She stepped up to the sink next to Kee to wash her own paws.  The aard-taur’s eyes widened at the sight of such a succulent morsel, and his stomach took an opportunity to growl loudly, reminding him that he hasn’t eaten since breakfast.

The vixen looked over at him and smiled a very cute smile.  “Sounds like you’re still hungry.  Have you tried their Greek olive and feta pizza yet? It’s to die for!”

Pizza, however, was the furthest thing from Kee’s mind.  The other stalls were very likely empty, the door in was shut, and he was very, very hungry.  These thoughts chased themselves around his head for what seemed like several very long, agonizing seconds before his mind was made up.  Diet be damned.  “Just one couldn’t hurt,” Kee mumbled aloud.

“What was that?” the still unsuspecting vixen asked, just before Kee lunged at her, maw opened wide as his paws grabbed her shoulders and he slammed his lips over her head, sliding her soft-furred muzzle across his tongue and matting her fur with his drool.  The vixen was too shocked at what just happened for a moment to struggle, and the taur took a strong gulp, pulling her head into his throat, her shoulders and upper arms sliding past his lips, trapping them to her sides.  Kee laments for only a moment that he doesn’t have time to strip the sundress off his meal, but as she began to thrash, he gulped again.  Inside his throat the vixen shouted and yelled, though only a very faint muffled sound came through the flesh and fur to Kee’s ears as he walked his jaws over her breasts and down to her belly, finding that she was very ticklish as his tongue slathered over her soft belly fur.

Kee closed his eyes as he worked his lips over her hips, tilting his head back as her legs kicked in the air.  He could feel every movement, every thrash as she slid down his gullet, his pelt stretching and his ribs expanding to allow her to pass downward toward his gut.  He reached her knees before her muzzle meets the bend between his upper and lower halves, and her shins were gone as her struggles continued within his flesh as her nose poked into his no doubt unpleasant stomach.  The taur only regretted he has to rush his meal, being in such a vulnerable location, as he slid his tongue across her feet, pulling her sandals off and dropping them in the trashcan between the sinks as he sealed his lips after her feet, muring loudly as her streamlined bulge slid down his front and her body curled up in his taur stomach.  Looking down, Kee could just barely see her outline, hardly making his belly sag at all, as she sat, shocked, in his stomach.

Beverly could hardly believe what had just happened.  That taur attached her; Ate her! Her fur was completely soaked in drool and stomach slime, and the air was thick and acrid and burned her nose and lungs.  The vixen righted herself as best she can and slid around inside the gut as it springs to life, her ass sitting in a pool of goo that makes her skin itch.  Pushing out on the stomach walls seemed to help a little, the walls give, for a bit.  But a sudden strong contraction from all around pushed her arms back in tight against her body and forced her head down between her breasts as the stomach bore down on her, and she holds her breath as best she could.

*Buuuuurrp*  Kee let one rip as he tensed his stomach muscles, making the vixen within nearly undetectable as he smiled, the warm full feeling coming from his stomach bringing him sense of peace. The aardwolf-taur finished washing his paws, wiped his mouth of drool, and left the bathroom, sliding back into his spot at the table in the back. where he could enjoy every little shift and thrash from his guts as he waited for his housemate and his date to arrive.  He siped from his refilled drink and chuckled as his stomach wiggled more,the ice cold soda pouring over his meal.

He spotted Vince hurrying down the street outside and waved to him when he entered the pizzeria.  The feline came over and sat heavily in a chair, panting and tilting his head back as he catched his breath.  After a minute the waitress brought over a glass of water for gime and told him she could take a drink or food order in a few minutes before leaving.  Vince gulped the water gratefully before sitting up in his chair and looking around.  “So she’s not here yet?” he asked.

“Not that I’ve seen, just about everyone has been in with someone already,” responded Kee, slurping again from his soda, grinning to himself.


The lynx scanned the pizzeria and turned back to his housemate.  “Want to order that pizza? I had to skip lunch today and I am starving.”


“Sounds good, what kind do you want,” Kee asked, setting his drink down.


Vince raised an eyebrow.  “What’s this? The Black Hole hasn’t already eaten a dozen pizzas? You haven’t been snacking, or gone off your ‘diet’ have you?”


Panicking, the aard-taur tensed his stomach, squeezing his prey tightly, trying to keep his catch from showing through his fur, pinning the vixen’s struggles for the moment. “ N-no! I just thought I’d be nice and let you order. B-but that, uhm, feta and olive pizza sounds great if you want ideas!”


Vince eyed his friend for a second more before nodding, waving a waitress over and placing an order for a feta and olive pizza, taur sized.  Vince proceeded to explain to the quiet taur why he was late, involving a late truck, a confused manager, and an uncommonly spastic badger.


Kee nodded and sat quietly, tensing his stomach again and again, the poor vixen in his guts becoming exhausted from the abuse.  The taur let out a small burp while Vince was talking, tasting the vixen on his breath and unable to help but smile.  As the story wove on, with the addition of exaggerated faces and wildly waving hands, Kee relaxed some, enjoying his friend’s company, and even more, the warm feeling radiating from his churning belly, and the occasional movements yet from within.  However, he let his guard down as their supremely large pizza was brought over, interrupting Vince’s tale.  In a spastic bid for freedom, his prey sprang to life, sensing his stomach slacking, and thrashed about!  Before he could calm his meal, she managed to bulge out his gut and thump loudly on the underside of the table.  The waitress looked at the taur, who quickly tried to mask his horrified expression with a forced grin. “Just can’t wait to get my pizza,” he said weakly.  The waitress shrugged and set down the pizza that was nearly as large as the table.  Vince however, was looking at his friend from across the table as the waitress left, his previously animated expression replaced with a deadpan stare.


“Kee, tell me you didn’t,” he asked.


“Did what?” Kee squeaked out, squeezing his stomach as hard as he could, nearly certain he felt something crack as he reached out a shaky paw for a slice of pizza.


“You did, didn’t you, you went off your diet,” the lynx accused, huffing his frustration at the taur.


“Nooo! No no no.. look, I’m really hungry and we’re finally getting fed, right?  Let’s dig in!”  The taur shoveled a large piece of hot pizza right into his muzzle, wincing as it burned, but powering through it, trying to convince his housemate he had not in fact gone off the reservation.  Vince, for his part, took his slice of pizza and started chewing, but eyed the taur wearily.  The akward silence of their chewing and the background of the busy restaurant stretched out for several uncomfortable minutes until Kee felt a belch well up from his gut, rocking his jaws for a full two seconds before he slammed his mouth shut.  This gained a few claps and cheers from others making merry in the restaurant, but only drew an incredulous look from Vince with half a piece of pizza in his muzzle.


“O-oops,” Kee said aloud, dropping his own half slice of pizza as vince got up and walked around to his side of the table.


“Spit them out,” he said with a tired sigh.


“I- I don’t know what you’re-” the taur started.


‘Whoever it was, spit them out right now,” the lynx demanded again.


“Bu-but I didn’t-” Kee tried again, before Vince knelt down and pressed the palm of his hand against the taur’s belly, feeling the weak struggle from within as Kee’s captive squirmed about.


“I can feel them moving Kee, come on, let’s get this over with.”  The lynx mutters quietly and stands back up, crossing his arms and trying to stare down the taur.


“BU- but I-… I shouldn’t it’s been a while sin-since I-…  they’re probably too far gone… ya know?  hehe,” he tried to laugh, but could only cower slightly under his housemates withering glare.  Vince stares the aardwolf down for several moments more before giving an exasperated sigh.


“Fine, but this means I’m going to get that choker I threatened you with for real this time, That’ll keep you from swallowing anyone else while you’re on your diet.”  The lynx sat down heavily back in his chair and munched on his pizza, still glaring at the taur across the table.  Desperate to turn the attention away from himself and his delicious discretions, Kee looked around the pizzeria.

“H-hey Vince, when’s your date going to get here anyway? Think she stood you up?” He winced, realising his poor choice of topic, but anything was better than Vince’s i’m-upset-with-you-and-im-letting-you-know-it face.


Vince’s expression changed, and he looked around, a little more worried, and maybe a little sad.  “No, she wouldn’t have, she was going to meet here and we were going back to our place for a night in.  She said she was looking forward to this,” he added, maybe a little desperately.


“Well, maybe she had something come up, and hasn’t had time to put your ‘numb ear’ into her new phone,” the desperate-to-not-be-the-center-of-attention-taur suggested.


“Maybe…  yeah, that’s probably it.  It’s for the best too, she really doesn’t like the predatory types,” Vince added, giving Kee another glare, but this one not nearly as withering as the previous ones had been.  The tension broken, the two continued to eat, though there was still enough pizza left for one normal large pizza when they were finished.  Getting a to-go box, they packed up the pizza and went out.  Kee offered to take the pizza home while Vince kept waiting outside the pizzeria for his date to arrive.


The walk home for Kee was exquisite.  His belly was full delicious vixen, and also pizza, swayed below him with each step, sloshing from side to side. His prey had obviously given up, or had finally expired, and his stomach gurgled happily around both her and the macerated pizza.  Acids stripped the vixen of fur and flesh, melting her into a thick gooey soup alongside so much pizza.  Her form still had some shape by the time Kees reached home, and he set the pizza on the table before climbing the steps to his room, panting from the exertion at the top of the steps of carrying himself and the digesting vixen.


Kees climbed into bed and layed on top of the  covers, rolled onto his back as his paws and forepaws played over his still lumpy gut, trying to figure out what parts of his prey were still intact by the size and shape of each lump.  He was unable to identify a single part of his meal before he drifted off into a food induced coma.


The following morning, the aardwolf-taur woke up to the call of nature.  Finding his feet and trotting down the hall, he shut the bathroom door behind him and regarded the toilet.  The reason for his diet wasn’t just for his (and others!) health, it was also because he had a bad habit of clogging their normal sized toilet whenever he went on a binge and ate someone.  The pressure under his tail was to have none of it though, and made his mind up for him.  Lifting the seat, the taur turned and squatted over the bowl, the first reeking log quickly crowning and sliding from his ass.  They quickly grew in size, and Kees flushed every so often, but soon the reservoir couldn’t refill fast enough, and as bones clacked loudly on the side of the bowl and swirled around, the taur began the worry.


Another flush removed much of the sludge, but a crushed pelvis bone sat in the bottom of the bowl with a snapped femur and some other bone fragments.  Another few clay like deposits added several ribs and a shit caked fox skull to the pile.  The next flush went nowhere, and the taur whined, as the last few logs slipped from his ass, filling the bowl, flecks of destroyed yellow fabric wrapped throughout the last log.  Hanging his head in shame, Kees wiped his ass and left the bathroom, leaving the door ajar while we went to find the plunger.


It was the ferocious yell that came from upstairs as he was returning with the plunger that made him pause.  “KEES!  GET YOUR FAT ASS UP HERE!”  Looks like Vince found his mess in the toilet bowl…


Kees opened the bathroom door to see a fuming feline, huffing, even with the reek, with  fury.  “What. The. Hell.” Vince growled, pointing at the mess in the bowl.


“I went off my diet, I’m sorry.  Look, I got the plunger and I’m going to clean it-” Kees started apologizing.


“You ATE my girlfriend!” the lynx shouted.


“Wh-what?  No, I didn’t it was just some random-”


“Shush!” the lynx commanded, cutting off Kees, whipping a finger up to silence him.  Vince whipped out his phone and opens up a contact, holding up his phone for Kees to see the picture.  In the picture is a luscious red vixen, clad in nothing but her underwear, a particularly lacy black type, a yellow sundress hanging from one hand.  Kee’s eyes flicked from the picture to the mound of shit, and he could just make out the tattered remains of the black, lacy, apparently synthetic underwear on top of the pile of dung.


“Oooooh shit-” Kees started to moan.

“You can say that again,” Vince growled, storming past the stunned taur.


“Well, at least she won’t dump you like the last one,” Kees called after him, trying to add some levity to the situation.


“Yeah, because you made a huge dump of her first!” the irritated feline shouted back, slamming the door to his room, leaving the taur to plumb the bathroom himself.

Story (C) Taris Quickpaw

Kee the Taur (C) Kees Hawker