Feed A Taur Foundation


A brief introduction by Taris

So, this organization was founded to do food drives and bake sales and find other means to feed the taur population. One popular course that really took off was that consumption of other furs; this, combined with a reformation technology at the Feed a Taur centers, opened the doors to ensuring that none of us would have to go hungry again! Now, this timeline assumes a slightly altered modern setting, with furs(of course!) and humans, and a super science involving crystalline computers and harmonic frequencies and a lot of science so advanced it might as well be magic; and, it’s not without a hiccup or two, but that’s what liability waivers are for! Anyway, since the feed a taur started, we’ve seen a raise in the quality of life for taurs. fewer of us are sleeping on the streets, or turning to unsavory professions to put food in our bellies.

The Feed A Taur Foundation was started to address the issue of providing enough food for the taur communities everywhere. Because of their size, and the pricing of food stuffs, in order to obtain enough sustenance to survive, taurs and their families often went into bankruptcy just to feed themselves.

While the Foundation operates food and can drives, as well as bake sales and other fund raising endeavors, their major operation is finding volunteers that would feed themselves willingly to a taur. Most of the time this involves a small fee to cover a reformation provided by the Foundation.


The thing that allows the Feed-A-Taur Foundation to operate is a super science using crystalline structures and resonate frequencies that interface with modern computer technology. Highly robust and perfectly attune crystals are manufactured and used in devices large and small, that allow for the replication of a body using the soul of a deiced being. This has generally only been used in reducing the numbers of casualties from various types of vore, and is still a relativity new technology, with a certain percentage of failure. This has not stopped the technology from becoming widely adopted, and even miniaturization for home versions, for both predator and prey. Laws have been relaxed on predestination, so long as reformation technology is used, but law enforcement still peruses rouge predators who like to eat without ensuring the safety of their meals.


Offices for the Feed A Taur Foundation can be found in all major cities, and some larger towns, or where there is a taur community. These generally are housed in any normal office or shopping area, usually with modifications to allow larger taurs freedom of movement.



Jessie is a female cowtaur that works with FAT as well as a patron. She also used to work at Aunt Edna’s.

Aunt Edna’s Vore Cabaret


‘Aunt Edna’s’, or ‘Auntie’s’ to the regulars, is a converted theater turned strip club that caters to the unique tastes of the vore community. Strip shows often incorporate or features different acts of vore. Performers are often paid employees, though occasionally patrons are invited to join performers on the stage.

Patrons are classified into three categories when entering, each priced at a different level. They can either buy a blue immunity band, the most expensive, which means they are off limits for eating. There is a red reformation band, about $25, which means they can be eaten and reformed at the club. And patrons may enter for free, but if they are eaten, they are responsible for their own reformation, often meaning that some free attendees only enjoy one last show.


Aunt Edna’s is located in an old small theater. The main stage was split and extended into two preforming runways, and the box offices were converted into more private entertainment rooms. A bar runs along the back wall, and much of the original Rococo architecture restored or replaced, and red velvet drapes and carpet also being restored.


Aunt Edna

Edna is a towering female anthro elephant, towering over those around her. She has been described as having a heart of gold, a fist like iron, and a stomach big enough for anyone. No one knows her actual age, but she has been around for many, many years. Despite her age, she is still active and energetic, managing the theater and fiercely protecting her performers. It is well known that she will occasional eat patrons, or more often, troublemakers in her establishment.


Erica is an anthropomorphic Kangaroo who works at Edna’s. Her specialty is pouch vore, as well as voring smaller prey. She has an upbeat personality, and likes to talk and be social, hence why she is often seen at the theater on nights even when she if off duty.


Gloria is the Magenta goo girl that sometimes preforms at Edna’s. She is capable of absorption, and by her nature nearly any type of vore. She is also capable of sliding into nearly anyone, even those without great vore talent or skill, and is often requested by patrons that cannot consume others, but would still like to have that experience. Her goo can provide sustenance and air to any creature she entraps, or to those swallowing her, preventing sophistication. She is generally not very talkative, and thus people assume her to by shy and timid, while she is actually only introverted, and strong willed.


  • Named: Species (name) ((Owner/creator))
    • Goo Girl (Gloria) ((Taris))
    • Kangaroo (Erica) ((Taris))
    • Shark (Ragin) ((Yasha Lupas))
    • Two-Tailed Kitsune (Griff The Rainbow Kitsune) ((Griff Beeks))
  • Generic and unclaimed ideas (write their stories yourself! :D)
    • Orca
    • Fox twins (*drools*)
    • Nagas (male and female, herm?)
    • She wolves (a pack[4-6])
    • Humans (prey? surprise pred!)
    • Big Cats (Jaguar, Lioness,)
    • Anthro Griffin (token avian?)
    • Giraffe (come on, look at that loooong neck. think how long it would take to swallow someone!)
    • Cow (Large, with udders)

Patron/Prey Ideas

  • Pig
  • wolf, cat, etc
  • mouse
  • reptile


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