Terms of Service



  1. My Rights
    1. I reserve the right to turn down any commission for any reason
    2. Copyright for my artwork remains with me, even if the characters within the work are not my intellectual property. I retain all rights for editing and distribution of my work and will use my work for purposes of advertisement, sales, or my professional portfolio as I see fit.
    3. In limited circumstances I may sign over specific Rights to my work. This is subject to my discretion.
  2. Your Rights
    1. You may repost only with attribution to me (Taris) as the writer
    2. You may NOT redistribute my work for money or profit
  3. Process
    1. You contact me through a designated channel for a commission
    2. We exchange correspondence to determine what you want and what the price will be
    3. A summary will be agreed upon and half the total payment will be submitted
    4. I will work on the story, and submit a final draft for approval.  You will receive one option of revision at this point
    5. Final payment will be sent.
  4. Payments
    1. Half payment must be made upfront once a Summary is accepted
    2. Payments may be to anthrotaris@gmail.com via Paypal for Goods & Services -OR- to my bitcoin address at 1H4H4jo4kt1K5QrftMpBLkGQ9FaQhvfqSv. I might alternatively create a Coinbase Order form for your order.
  5. Refunds / Cancellation
    1. Completed works will not be refunded
    2. If you decide to cancel a commission in progress, you forfeit any already processed payments.
    3. If I deem I am unable to complete a commission, your deposit sans transaction fees, will be returned.
  6. Changes
    1. These terms are ever evolving and likely to change without notice