Commission Process

So, you’ve read my work, you have a story idea in mind, and money in your account to transfer to me, let’s do this!

First things first, please take a moment to read my Terms of Service and get an idea of what the price might look like.

“But Taris,” you say, “I’ve commissioned lots of people before and know what i want to pay, why do i need to read those?”

Because I want to be clear on how this will work.  The process generally is as thus

  1. You have a great idea, or at least some sort of inkling as to what type of story and characters you want to see spring to live in some wonderful naritive
  2. You contact me, usually via Email, Skype, or other chat or message system (except FA Notes!) with a pitch for your idea and some basic information to get the conversation started.
  3. I’ll reply, asking questions about characters, setting, specific plot points, and fetishes, if any, you want included, as well as how long you want the story to be.
  4. You’ll respond; this process may go back and forth a few times until I feel i have a good grasp as to what you want.
  5. I will write short summary, usually a paragraph or so, to lay out what you will get, as well as a projected price based on length, fetishes, and other factors covered in my Pricing page.
  6. If this summery is acceptable, you will send HALF the total payment to either my Bitcoin Address or my PayPal address.
  7. Once the first pass is finished, I’ll let you see it, spelling mistakes and all.  This is your one and ONLY chance to request changes.  Changes can include rewriting an individual scene, or altering a character slightly in his or her mannerisms, description, or actions.  A whole rewrite of half the story is not acceptable.
  8. Once these changes have been made, the Second Half of the payment will be required before the finished story is made available.  Formats for delivery include .doc, .docx, .otf, .rtf, .txt, .epub, and .pdf.  If you want or require a different format, please ask.
  9. Business is concluded! I will likely post the story to Fur Affinity, Weasyl, So Furry, and to this blog.  You have permission to post to these and other sites, as per my ToS.

That’s all there is to it really. I do charge extra to write things that make me squirm unpleasantly, and if you need the story right away, my prices double.  I do also offer a discount if one of my own characters feature in the story (I don’t have to invent a new person!) or if it takes place in the Setting I’ve created.  Prices are negotiable, and may change for one reason or another, just talk to me about it!