Happy Year of the Goat!

What a night it had been! Judith and Cornelius had just come down to the street festival for some food and games that Friday night, they hadn’t expected anything like this! Sure they knew what the celebration was for, it was their birth year after all.  But in their own home town it had ways […]

There Will Be Cake

*Ba-bling!* – Taris: Hey, we need some help at the Thaumaturgy building at the institute. We have cake. Spike looked at his phone, shopping bag in the other hand, and thought.  The orange dragon had just wrapped up his shopping for the day, several pairs of new jeans and shirts in the bag, and the […]

Pizza for Three

Kee Hawker is waiting for a housemate and his date at the pizza place for dinner While waiting Kee uses the co-op bathroom and spots a delicious looking vixen. Deciding to not wait, (after all, one cant hurt) he gobbles down the fur and returns to waiting. After a while, his roommate shows up and wonders if his date had shown up. Kee realises that he ate his date, and spends the night trying to cover it up, only to get caught when he clogs the toilet the following morning.

Stretch Act Under the Big Top

“And now ladies and gentlemen, Ovhan will put his acrobatic prowess on display in this death defying act!” The voice boomed throughout the Big Top, to shouts and cheers of joy. The audience was on a high, popcorn and circus peanuts abound. The previous act had them in high spirits, and the next was to […]